Why a Timber Inspired Home Design?

Construction of Wooden Home

In an era of phasing out fossil fuels and rising production costs, light timber construction has obvious advantages over other building materials. The energy consumption of manufacturing timber construction is significantly lower than that of steel or concrete, both of which require high-temperature refining and manufacturing. The timber house is made of all solid timber materials and is called a “breathing house.” The air in the breathing house contains a lot of endocrine and anions, known as air vitamins. They can effectively kill bacteria in the air, curb diseases, and enhance immunity. 


Timber House


Advantages of Timber 

  • Durability

Timber structure villas are constructed of high-grade pine timber. Timber is a natural, healthy, and highly compatible material. Timber integrated houses are environmentally friendly and generally quite high-end houses. The timber is produced and processed by modern technology according to different architectural shapes. The wall profile is more robust and durable through the process of flame retardant and anti-corrosion treatment. It has qualities of anti-drying and very good air permeability; its stability is remarkable, hence one of the oldest and most reliable building materials to this day. Exterior timber oil or floor varnish can also assist with the durability of the timber if maintained accordingly.

North American timber-structured villas are one of the most durable structures in modern housing. It can be used for several generations and will still remain in great condition.

In the United States, 95% of residents currently live in timber homes. Timber houses over a hundred years old in the United States can be seen everywhere, still in perfect condition. The oldest timber houses can be traced back to the 18th century.

  • Fire Prevention

The timber used in the building structure of a timber house is flame-retardant treated with a “water-based, flame-retardant treatment agent,” which has a carbonization effect. When exposed to fire, a carbonized layer will be formed on the timber surface, and its low conductivity can effectively prevent the flame from spreading inward, this is to ensure that the entire timber structure does not get damaged.

  • Moisture-proof

People often mistakenly think that water is the enemy of timber. This is not the case. Timber buildings can have long-term performance in rainy or humid environments. The key is to know how to control moisture when using timber-based building products in design and construction. Timber structure houses can be protected from corrosion and moisture because of the drying process of building materials. These timbers have been pre-dried to moisture content 19% below the natural state; its moisture-proof performance can even reach about ten times that of brick-concrete structure. 

Compared with other commonly used building materials, timber is less prone to permanent damage due to occasional soaking. Timber buildings in rainy or humid places can have long-term performance without problems.

  • Environmental Protection

Timber is a natural, healthy, and very long-lasting and durable material. Timber houses and furniture are environmentally friendly. The heat preservation (heat insulation) performance is excellent, and it can save more than 40% of energy than the ordinary brick-concrete structure in houses. Studies have shown that a 150mm thick timber structure wall has a thermal insulation performance equivalent to a 610mm thick brick wall. Furniture oil is also a natural way of preserving timber furniture or decking from protection against UV rays and water. 

  • Energy saving

Amongst all the main building materials, wood is the only renewable building material. In terms of energy consumption, greenhouse gas, air and water pollution, and ecological resource extraction, the environmental protection of wood structures are much better than that of brick-concrete structure and steel structure. It is well-ventilated and easy to keep indoor air fresh, whilst being recognized as a ‘green building’.


With its beautiful architectural style, exquisite design, connection to nature and fast construction, styling your home with timber gives you the feeling of escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city life we too easily get lost in.