Maintaining Your Fence With Natural Oils

Natural oil and natural wax oil are a nourishing coating alternative used for your fences and other wooden furniture. These oils are based on natural vegetable oil and vegetable wax that is extracted through modern science and technology and later passed through three layers of filtration.

It is a new type of wood maintenance and decorative coating made by five precision processes. The best thing about these natural oils is that it does not contain any toxic and harmful substances, it is harmless, durable, rub-resistant, dirt-resistant, waterproof, stable in performance, easy to apply, and affordable.

Timber Oil Brush

This natural wood oil and wood wax oil penetrate deeply into the internal cells of the preservative wood, and after infiltrating the wood material, the wood can still breathe freely. It can prevent the wood from cracking and maintain its elasticity, health, and youthfulness. 


Outdoor weather-resistant and anti-corrosive wood oils can be transparent or colored. Its outdoor UV and water resistance is great, and the price of anti-corrosive natural oil is affordable. Outdoor exterior timber oil is the perfect choice for your fencing or decking in order to maintain it for a long time, still giving your outdoor area an impressive look.


Wood oil is very different from those chemical-based paints. There are many special natural oils for anti-corrosion of wood on the market, the original wood oil is transparent, however, it can also be tinted with color paste.  Alternative options would be wood wax oil, and the surface of anti-corrosion wood which needs to be protected to enhance the waterproof and antifouling performance of the surface. 


At present, the market mainstream uses natural outdoor weather-resistant oil and wax oil for protection. It has a better performance than any other artificial or chemical-based paint. Outdoor weather-resistant wood oil, furniture oil, and wood wax oil are suitable for decorative furnishings that require high environmental protection and durability. 


The emergence and discovery of natural oils for fencing have completely changed the game of maintaining a timber fence. There is a vast variety of these oils and they have an amazing shelf life. Used outdoors, it can protect the wood for up to 2 years, which is quite a long duration. Understandably after those 2 years, wood products need to be oiled again and maintained regularly.   

Therefore, wood oil and wood wax oil applied to outdoor anti-corrosive wood products, such as anti-corrosion wood pavilions, anti-corrosion wood floors, anti-corrosion wood cabins, villas, and other outdoor wood structures, will form a porous surface, so that wood is still free to breathe. 


Anticorrosive Natural Oils Is The Best Way To Maintain Your Fence

Anti Corrosive oil is made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Anti-corrosion oil has various benefits for your timber fences, for example, insect-proof, waterproof, and many other characteristics. It not only looks simple and natural but also makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary poor fence durability. As this is not harmful to the environment nor the wood itself, this means that it preserves the natural organic components of the wood.