Trendy Coloured Contacts For Everyday

Trendy Coloured Contact Lenses for Everyday Wear

The use of coloured contact lenses originally originated from the use of Korean fashion stars to show exaggerated and gorgeous performances. Now they are gradually accepted by more by the trendsetters, and the colours of the lenses are becoming more and more rich, unique, and beautiful. With the continuous expansion of the user population, more and more attention is paid to the health requirements of lens wearing, and the manufacturing process of coloured contact lenses is also constantly improving. Have you worn coloured contacts before outside of Halloween?

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and your beauty and looks rely on them, so much so that there is an increasing craze to decorate the eye lenses with so many unique colours and different patterns. According to the “online colour lens consumption map” shown in the “2019 Online Colour Eyelet Consumption Insight Report”, the manufacturing of coloured contact lenses has increased speedily compared with a few years back.

Pink And Green Niche Colours Wear Fairy “Pupils”

Pink is a kind of coloured contact lens that will bring a pink, romantic temperament. At first, it was used in the filming of film and television dramas; with the pupil colour of Asians, there will be an obvious colour rendering effect, so it is gradually used by girls to match daily makeup. Coincidentally, while abandoning the blind pursuit of “big,” consumers have gradually begun to taste “niche colours” other than the common colours such as brown, black, and grey. The “2019 Online Colour Pupil Consumption Insight Report” shows that from the perspective of the proportion of online colour pupil consumption in the past year, pink and green colours are emerging! Green is my favourite colour, have you worn green contacts before like ever? You will look enchanting, mysterious and so mythical with green contacts.

From the perspective of colour pupil styles, the popular lace and agate pattern colour pupils in the past two years have gradually faded, replaced by mermaid colour and starry colour pupils. It complements the popular fantasy girly makeup look. 

Coloured Contact Lenses

Cocoa-Colour Effect

The colour of cocoa-coloured contact lenses is more natural and healthier than other coloured contact lenses. It is more suitable for Asian women with yellowish or wheatish skin. Because of its unobtrusive colour, it is often used for daily commuting.

 Silicone Hydrogel Colour Contact Lenses

With the invention of silicone hydrogel colour contact lenses, one can balance their beauty with health. The generally available normal contact lenses, if worn for a long time, can cause redness and irritation. Yet, like fashion trendsetters always showing us what is in and popular, these new types of hydrogel contact colour lenses are inspired by the most popular colours and patterns on-trend right now. The lens colours include the current colour invisible white scary lenses also, but black and brown remain the most demanded by the customers.

High Growth And Strong Brands

Compared with other traditional cosmetic contact lenses, neon colours, beautiful eye contact lenses shows strong growth. But don’t try to be strong and wear them for longer than you’re meant to. You should not wear your contacts for more than fours on the first day, and no more than six hours on the second day.